Frequently Asked Questions

Your therapy plan will be personalized for your individual need and tolerance level. A plan of treatment is developed after the complete therapy evaluation process and will evolve over time as your therapeutic needs change.

At times we do provide care for those with increased cognitive needs. This particular type of care and treatment is very individualized and requires detailed discussion to determine the most appropriate environment. Contact us today and we can assist you in this process.

Together, as a team, we will determine your individual goals to promote a strong and safe recovery home. The length of your stay will depend on your individual medical and rehabilitative needs.

The insurances we accept are listed under the payment tab. If you are unable to locate your insurance we will be happy to verify your information and inform you on your coverage for skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

No appointment is ever needed. You are always welcome to visit the center at your convenience. If you would like to speak directly with the Director of Admissions during your visit, please visit during primary business hours. If an evening or weekend works best, just let us know and we will make arrangements around your availability.